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Patternist bursts with a blend of rhythmic synths, heart-thumping percussion, and lush arrangements that backdrop songwriter Gabe Mouer’s boyish tenor and wistful lyrics. Tinkering away in his bedroom studio, songwriter/producer Mourer has lofty ambitions: package nuanced human stories into concise, three-and-a-half minute pop songs. Flowing from romantic pinnings, to troubled ruminations on mental illness, to stories of drug-addled hallucinations and the brevity of life, Mourer’s introspective lyrical stylings contrast the “blithe bedroom pop” elements that make up Patternist’s sound. After a year of touring which included sold out dates across the US with artists like Vinyl Theatre, Finish Ticket, Flor, The Griswolds, Patternist released his sophomore EP, “Give It Up” in December of 2016, with its title track appearing on Spotify’s US Viral Hits. Always reaching, Patternist is aiming to expand on the narrative elements of his songs in a collection of new music planned for Summer 2019.