Spirit Leaves Joins The InVogue Records Family, Reveals Gleaming New Single, "Pulling Teeth"

Hard-rock band, Spirit Leaves, have announced that they have signed to InVogue Records. Alongside this signing announcement comes the band sharing the release of their sleek, yet vicious new song, "Pulling Teeth," accompanied by an alluring new music video.
"We are so excited to announce that we have signed with InVogue Records! For a bit now, we have been talking to the great team over there and our visions both aligned for how we could take this project further. Please join us as we embark on this new chapter of our band as we present to you "Pulling Teeth" and new material coming sooner than you think." Says the band regarding the signing announcement. "Being able to make music as a full time career has been a dream for us since we were children. After many years of blood, sweat, and tears, we’re getting a shot at making that a reality."
"Pulling Teeth" submerges listeners in a world where rock undertones meets a melodic atmosphere. Spirit Leaves cultivates a whirlwind of dynamics as guitar tones are draped in a wanderlust of serene themes. This new track hones in on dreamy imagery creating a mystic storyline leaving new fans on the edge of their seats wanting more from this adventurous band. It is clear that Spirit Leaves are searching for new territory, and if they continue to push the boundaries of heavy music, they will find it.
“The message of the song in it’s simplest form is learning how to love yourself again, even the worst parts of you. A lot of the topics on the record suggest that I’m talking about somebody else, but throughout the entire project I’m really talking about myself. This song represents the end of my self loathing and self sabotaging, and it represents a new beginning in taking that journey of healing and self love.” Says the band about the new track.