Diva Bleach Shares Addictive New Single "Out Of My Head"

Sparkly alt-pop band, Diva Bleach are sharing their new song "Out Of My Head." This single release comes swiftly behind the duo's recent signing announcement to InVogue Records.
"We are stoked to announce we’ve signed to Invogue Records! It’s super cool to be on their roster with bands we’ve looked up to for many years. We can’t wait to continue our band with a team that has already made us feel so at home." Says Diva Bleach about the signing announcement.
"Out Of My Head" is an upbeat, vibrant track that exudes the fun-loving energy of the Arizona desert sun. Fuzzy guitar tones surrounded by enormously poppy melodies make for an addicting chorus that will surely be the perfect end of summer soundtrack. Diva Bleach showcases their ability to create a glowing atmosphere as their video brings out their shining sense of humor, while featuring the ghost of friendships that have passed, yet focusing on the reminder of fun times to come.
"This song is about reminiscing on past friendships. Some that ended in fights and some that ended just because people change and grow apart. However, you don’t forget someone who once meant so much to you, they stay in your head and haunt you like a ghost." Says Diva Bleach about the new track.
Diva Bleach are a spunky duo who have tracks laced with buzzy guitars, infectious melodies and totally relatable lyrics. They have accumulated over 100k social media followers showing their blend of personality and sense of humor while their music is already a powerful force. This artist draws fans in with their exhilaratingly fun live shows resulting in playing sold out gigs in the Phoenix area. Diva Bleach have made appearances at Zona Fest on the main stage with Portugal The Man and have played alongside bands such as The Front Bottoms, Poolkids, Twin XL, Sundressed and more.
The duo are set to tear up the west coast with their forthcoming tour starting August 11 in Anaheim, CA and ending on August 26 at Is For Lovers Fest CA. Tickets are now available.