Fresh off their appearance at INKarceration Fest, Cleveland, Ohio based Party Punk ® band, Dead Bundy have signed with InVogue Records. Dead Bundy are ready to make sure you are having a party at all times.  The music and lyrics are unapologetically fun, and designed to make you dance and laugh at the same time.  Imagine if American Pie and Superbad were a way of life, and the soundtrack to your favorite summer night.  This project has been entirely written, recorded, and released during the pandemic, which makes it even more impressive.  For a band so young, they have already played legendary house shows, a sold out CD release party, and INKarceration Festival. 2022 better be ready, because Dead Bundy cannot be stopped. 
Stream “NOT SORRY” here:

Dead Bundy is a fart at the dinner table. In a world of politically correct music, they are an absolute outlier. The newly formed trio calls back to a time when music could be a little irreverent and fun. Equal parts classic pop punk and modern rock, the formula is then infused with a love for the frat boy humor and debauchery of the early 2000's. Dead Bundy's influence of timeless bands like Blink-182, Sum 41, and the Offspring clashes beautifully with nods to the new school of emo rock. The end result is a band wholly themselves and leaving behind a trail of piss and vinegar in their wake. Proudly flying their parental advisory sticker, they aim directly at your inner teenager. Offensive? Sometimes. But really they are just here for a good time. Hide your beer, hide your mom. Dead Bundy is cumming.
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