Dead Bundy Shares Their Powerhouse New Album, Held Back

Pop-punk band Dead Bundy are sharing their anthematic new record "Held Back". The record highlights stand-out singles such as "Bad Day," "Rockstar" and "Graduate."
"Bad Day" comes in swinging, showcasing Dead Bundy's versatility within their rock roots. Listeners are introduced to a high-energy blastoff, that's filled with a biting edge melody that is undeniable. The band has created a sound which modernizes the genre, while leaning into the joy of what nostalgic pop punk has always meant to these fans. Held Back is non-stop unadulterated fun, all while bringing their originality to life.
"This song is about the worst day of our lives. First off, Brian couldn't find his TV remote as we were trying to binge the latest season of "Love is Blind" on Netflix and the volume was too loud and he couldn't turn it down. So Rick pulls out his phone to get an Uber to get out of the house and take us to the bar but then the Uber driver canceled 3 times. Jordon accidentally drove his car off a bridge so the rest of the band had to backtrack the drums. RIP. Boo." Says Dead Bundy about the new song.
""They say if you write songs about what you love you'll never work a day in your life. We choose to write about our reality, instead. We never graduated junior high, and are looking forward to our 18th year back in class this fall. There are perks though - we get free food in the cafeteria and we don't get bullied as much anymore but they say we're too old to come back and play the same songs at the talent show this year. So that sucks, because we never won and we thought this year could be our chance. Our adult hormones drove us back to the studio to create our 2nd album to get back at the school administration. So here's our masterpiece...our opus magnum about our true lives; HELD BACK." Says Dead Bundy about the new album.
Dead Bundy has been building a dedicated fanbase with their high-energy live shows and relatable lyrics. Their upcoming album Held Back explores different corners of the pop-punk genre and promises to be their most personal and honest work to date with the classic Dead Bundy twist.
Dead Bundy's record, Held Back is out now and is available for streaming and download on all major platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Pre-orders are now available.