Dark Divine Unveil New Sensational EP, 'Halloweentown,' Shares Cryptic New Video for Single "No Escape," Featuring Ricky Armellino of Ice Nine Kills

Post-hardcore band, Dark Divine unleash their gripping new EP Halloweentown on September 30. Halloweentown ominously strings together 7 electrifying tracks. Songs put-forth eerie melodies combined with stand-out screaming and clean vocals. The EP takes fans on a dangerous journey combing through apocalyptic storylines making for a theatrical atmosphere.

"'Halloweentown' is our debut EP to be released on September 30th, 2022. It represents our darkest fears, and it correlates a transformation from fiction to reality. We blend the essence of horror with heavy hitting sound design and accompany it with real life experiences. Our vision for this EP was to culminate many distinct aspects of our influences and interests within music and aside from music. The EP aims to create a notion of understanding and a sense of comfort within the chaos for its listeners. Our sole focus was the attention to detail needed in all forms of our art in order to embody the culture we aim to represent and connect with." Says the band regarding the forthcoming EP.

In addition the band has released a new music video for their single, "No Escape," the track features Ricky Armellino of Ice Nine Kills. The strings along ghostly melodies preparing fans for an obscure experience.

"“No Escape” is about experiencing the paranormal and the feeling of insanity that is often paired with an experience with the macabre. As you traverse this haunt, it’s almost as if you hear the voices of the deceased sing to you, calling for you. And no matter how hard you try, there truly is no escape." Says the band about the new track.