Worthwhile is an American melodic hardcore band formed in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2009. With the successful reception of Worthwhile’s first two releases, “Miracle Me” and “Not Fixed But Found,” the band spent 2009-2011 gaining a strong hometown following and beyond. As the band gained its loyal fan base, listeners latched onto the heartfelt lyrics, high energy, and positive message the band put forth in their music and shows.

When Worthwhile decided it was time to start writing their third release, they realized band members had matured through some tough, personal times and developed musically. A pop punk album could not properly portray the lyrics and feeling the band wanted to create. With a love for melodic hardcore, members drew inspiration from bands like Have Heart, Verse, and Touché Amoré as they set out on their new project. After a long year of carefully writing new songs with their new sound, Worthwhile headed back to Panda Studios to record their new album “Carry On Kid.”

Many longtime fans have claimed it is a whole new band. However, Worthwhile has gained many more followers with this new sound. The heartfelt lyrics, high energy, and positive message are as loud and clear as ever.

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James Teyler – Vocals
aniel Gilmore – Guitar
Joseph Deleon – Guitar
Kyle Teese – Bass
Luke Teyler – Drums

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area, California

Management: Evan Arnold

Booking: (U.S.) (UK/EU/RUS)

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