A 6 piece post-hardcore band out of Houston, TX.

Joshua Calhoun (Unclean Vocalist), Kaleb Eddy (Clean Vocalist), and Jordan Sweeny (Lead Guitarist) established ‘Whether, I’ in March of 2013. After receiving recognition with C’est La Vie and Ambitions, they wrote and recorded the EP ‘Dreamcatcher’ with Robby Joyner in September of 2013 to be released December 3, 2013. Their next goal was to complete the arduous task of finding a drummer, rhythm guitarist, and bassist. Jonathan Amaya and Andrei Restrepo (Divisions), and Todd Lenting (Empire Voices) stepped up and filled the spots.

Being a huge buzz on social media with the release of the EP, caught the attention of Nick Moore (CEO of InVogue Records) to offer them label support. Whether, I gratefully took the offer and re-released ‘Dreamcatcher’ re-mastered by producer Tom Denney (A Day To Remember, SECRETS, and others) on April 1, 2014.

Now, the band is scheduling future shows and tours to share their passion for their music to others around the world.

Music Video:


Joshua Calhoun – Screams
Kaleb Eddy – Cleans
Jordan Sweeny – Guitar
Andrei Restrepo – Guitar
Todd Lenting – Bass

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Social Media: