Field Medicine is a collection of songs about losing yourself, remembering youth, and finding out exactly who you have become, all set within the backdrop of living in the American heartland. “I’m excited to be releasing my latest solo effort on InVogue, because Nick and I share a lot of the same values, and are trapped by these same cornfields. The midwest is a great place to live, but it’s the best place to dream. Being totally surrounded by rows of corn and an entirely flat land can drive you a little crazy, and inspire you to create a new world inside your mind, which is what I hope these songs can do for those who listen. I tried to make everything sound as honest as possible, because sometimes it seems that musical production is hiding the mistakes that make songwriters human and real.”

When not playing solo shows supporting the new album you can catch JT on tour as the lead vocalist for Hawthorne Heights.

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JT Woodruff

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

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