Courage My Love, an Alt-Pop group from Kitchener, Ontario has released their new album AND IT RULES. You can purchase “Synesthesia” at or on any music retailer!


1. Synesthesia
2. Animal Heart
3. Walls
4. Stereo
5. Love Hurts
6. Drowning
7. Tough Love
8. Two Headed Monster
9. Sight:Sound
10. Need Someone
11. Dirt
12. The Year I Disappeared
13. Never Gonna Change


What are the biggest influences on your music (Musical and nonmusical influences)?

“Lately I’ve been getting into a lot of band from the shoegaze movement like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, and I’ve always loved Radiohead and Jimmy Eat World. Inspiration behind some of the synth sounds on this new record came from Purity Ring, Ellie Goulding and Chvrches.”


What gives you inspiration for lyrical content? What do you like to write about and why?

“We write from personal experience. It’s important to us that we write about things that are current and weigh heavily in our lives. So for that reason there isn’t one specific thing we find ourselves writing about all the time, but really whatever’s happening in our lives. At the same time we really like to use analogies and imagery in our lyrics. One of my favorite bands that does this well is Death Cab For Cutie.”


When was the band formed/when did you start playing music? What made you want to do this as a career?

“Phoenix and I (Mercedes), being twin sisters, have been playing music together since we were really little. The idea behind Courage My Love started when we were 14, and we knew we wanted to be in a band. We didn’t fully end up pursuing music as a full time career until we were 16. We just knew we didn’t want to do anything else. Our chemistry has always been great, but where the two of us shine is when we play music together on stage.”


How would you describe your music to someone that has never listened to you before?

“It’s alternative pop with some grunge/rock influences. Our songs are pretty diverse, so it’s hard to nail down one genre. We really pay attention to melodies and harmonies, and try to give the song exactly what it needs in terms of vibe.”


What does it mean to you to be an InVogue artist?

“We’re proud to be on a label that cares so much about their artists and is so selective of who they welcome to their roster. All the bands are so solid and diverse. InVogue has really welcomed us and made us feel at home, grown with us, believed in us, and had the patience and faith to let us evolve into the artists we’ve always wanted to be.”

Anything that you want readers and fans to know about your band or music?

“We are a band that does not discriminate. We will welcome and stand up for all genders, races, and orientations. We believe music is one of the things that unites us in a world of separation. Just as we are proud of the diversity of our songs and the diversity of artists on InVogue, we are also proud of the diversity of our fans. Our music is for everyone.”