Forming in early 2008, City Lights established themselves as a band with instantly lovable songs and a live presence to be reckoned with. These Columbus, Ohio natives create a unique sound with their own blend of pop-punk and hardcore. Their debut EP “Rock Like A Party Star” was self-released in April of 2008 and to this day the record has sold over 5,000 copies without the help or promotion of a label or management. After several DIY tours City Lights completed successful runs with The Years Gone By, Sparks The Rescue, Mayday Parade, Amber Pacific, and The Dangerous Summer. This goes to show there are no signs of breaking the bond between this group of dedicated musicians.

Growing up, the band was just five kids listening to the same music. This shared interest sparked friendships that led to what City Lights is today. From the beginning, the band set out to create those same kinds of friendships with their fans through their music. In 2011 the group released their debut full length “In It To Win It” via InVogue Records. These songs have instilled strong connections with their ever-growing fan base having abundant turnouts every night with tons of pileups and sing alongs that even a campfire isn’t up to par with a City Lights show.

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Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Booking: Jason Parent | APA

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